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Some of our services:

Website Creation
Facebook Advertisng
Social Media Management
Digital Rebranding
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Some exclusive services we offer..

Amazon Store Setup

We propel your products onto Amazon with the backing of an experienced team and logistics

  • Fulfilment by Amazon
  • Hassle Free
  • Initial Setup
  • Self-Fulfilment
  • Product Launch

Professional Video Editing

Compiling and arranging high level content for campaigns, social media and more.
Carried out by a dedicated team of highly skilled editors.

  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Editing Style To Suit Your Brand Image
  • Long-Format (YouTube/FaceBook)
  • Quick Turnarounds
  • Short-Form (TikTok/IG)

E-Commerce Starter Package

  • End User Analytics
  • Digital Rebranding
  • Product Listing
  • Website Creation

Some of our Client Feedback..

“These guys are incredible. Created an amazing website and Amazon store to a top tier standard!”

”Working with the guys at Milian Media has been a refreshing experience since they have an innovative/collaborative approach to their work and this has allowed us to bounce ideas of each other and figure out concepts that are best suited for the direction of our company."

“We've had SO many more customers because of our new website and digital rebranding.”

“Complete experts in marketing strategy. Helped our brand go from locally based to international!”

Asked Questions

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How does Pricing Work ?

We adhere to strict pricing transparency with our clients, all prices are available under the Services  section of our website.

If you're looking for pricing for other specific services such as Advertising and Design, click the Contact  page and book a meeting with us!

What’s your edge over other agencies?

At Milian Media we pride ourselves in quick turnarounds through effective and efficient approaches to marketing services.

We have a fresh and modern perspective on the marketing scene, in order to flourish at a high level we're constantly in tune with the changes; developments and trends.

I have no experience of digital marketing,
am I at a disadvantage?

Not at all. We've had clients who had no digital presence whatsoever!

If you're unsure at what the transforming benefits of digital marketing can be, get in touch with us here and we'd be more than happy to tell you more about how we can help.

How do you maintain communication with clients?

Upon onboarding, we set our clients up in their designated client Slack channel.

Here we provide constant availability and communication to our clients, no matter their whereabouts!

You have different questions?

Our team will answer all your questions. We ensure a quick response.

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